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The principal business of the company comprised the interfacing of Data Vendor digital information feeds to client systems.
While we have retired now, we have advice & useful chunks of code to dispose of

ASL has interfaced to these feeds:-

  • Reuter RQF, Select Feed, Select Feed Plus, RDCDF, RMF, MDF, 600MG and Marketlink
  • and by DDE to the Reuter Terminal.
  • Reuter Dealing 2000 Ticket Output Feed and Triarch SelectServer
  • Telerate TDPF, TDQF and TIP
  • CMS feed
  • Finsbury Textline & other I P Sharp systems
  • Reuter Global Limits database
  • Instinet CTCI
  • Barclay's BZW Trade system
  • Lotus Realtime
  • Citicorp ASI Dealing feed
  • Reuters private internal data base (a Microsoft Windows system).
  • Novell IPX
  • TCP/IP

ASL also has produced:-

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Art & Science also add value to other suppliers' systems. One our our most fruitful alliances is with:-

Thomson Financial Services (Vision division)

who market Dealing Room systems (front & back office fully integrated). ASL supply data vendor feed servers to BTS.

If you have a problem integrating data vendor feeds into your system, you need look no further. Why not e-mail us?

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